What decors are needed in Public Spaces now: Decor Collection 2021/22

Urban Quarters


Authentic attraction – new naturalness!

How to bring people together continues to be the biggest challenge we are facing. People are looking for fresh impetuses, conversations, or entertainment. It comes down to trust and security, the naturalness of gathering, such as in shopping or traveling, without having to think twice about it. In terms of design, natural, large-area decors can support this feeling. Authentic materials and a subdued rusticity create confidence, trust, and have a pleasant effect, for example, in combination with green. An absolute must!

Sicam-Highlight: Karlstad Oak
It's about using decors that evoke the feeling of trust and security due to their authentic materials and design. They should radiate a naturalness and appear pleasant and tranquil.
Michela Avancini Italy

Our Decor highlights:

The new rusticity – used effectively!

Our décor innovations are linked by their expression of a “new rusticity”—decors which radiate originality without conforming to the classic “rustic” style. These are fine, balanced compositions with refined details that reflect the spirit of the times. This zeitgeist calls for quieter surfaces that radiate naturalness and are also combined with "wow" effects such as metallic colors. When effectively used they are absolutely on trend for furniture and floors.

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